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Holla, at your on-demand service!

Holla, a Lagos-based taxi company, provides on-demand taxi services across major cities of Nigeria. We offer our customers an ease of taxi booking and reaching their destination using our taxi-booking application. With a wide range of options to choose among, from preferred taxi types to nearby drivers, you can book cabs in a few tabs from your mobile using Holla passenger app.

Thinking of a local transit? Holla would be your everyday travel partner. Feel the ride with us!


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Holla: Your on-demand taxi service

As more and more people have started using taxi services, several new companies have popped up. With countless tax services out there, it’s no wonder people are overwhelmed with the choices they are given. 

Most of them are not sure which taxi service to take since they are unsure how they are different from one another. However, here at Holla, we can assure you that we offer the best and unique services that cater to all your needs. 

As one of the best taxi service companies out there, we aim to provide customers with the services they need. We want to provide them comfort while travelling, something that you can’t find anymore on public transportation. 

With Holla, it will be like you have your private car to bring you to your destination safe and sound. Let us tell you more about why we should be your on-demand taxi service.

Who we are

Holla is a Lagos based taxi service that provides customers with a safe and comfortable way to travel. 

We offer our customers an easy way to book their rides, as well as a variety of payment methods. This adds flexibility to the customers on how they want to pay their fare. We also have an innovative app with all the tools a customer needs to book and travel safely.

Aside from being able to book your ride with ease, we also have a wide variety of taxi types that you can choose to ride on. Our app shows you all the available taxis near you and you can choose which one you would like to ride on. 

You can even track where your ride is at. No more waiting at the curb! You can just stay inside your horse or building until your ride arrives.

Our staff

We have a very diverse and helpful staff that will be able to assist you 24/7. They’ll be here to help you with any cab-related inquiries, concerns and complaints. Our technical staff are also here to help you with any issues you might face with the app or the website. They’ll be available to troubleshoot the issue with you so that you can use them immediately.

We also have professional drivers on our roster. They’re well trained to provide the best and most comfortable ride to our customers. They are also able to handle basic on-the-road issues with the car if needed. 

Rest assured that our drivers are friendly. You can also see the driver details on our app before they even arrive with just a tap or click.

Contact us!

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time! We’ll be glad to assist you. Our customer service representatives and technical support are available 24/7. We’d also be glad to hear your thoughts on our services. 

We want to continue to be the on-demand taxi service that you’ll ever need by providing the services you’re looking for. That’s why your feedback is important to us so we can add new services, or improve on existing ones