5 steps to have a safe ride with Holla

We take our riders’ safety very seriously and so we consider it our responsibility to establish fundamental safety standards at every step. As a rider, there are also certain safety tips you can follow. Whether you are getting around the city during the day or enjoying at a party in the night, consider these five steps when you book your next ride.

  • Plan and book your ride

What’s great about Holla is that you can request for an immediate ride or plan your trip in advance. So if you are planning a late-night drop to your home, schedule your ride to avoid being stranded during wee hours. And even if you do book a taxi during the day, make sure you wait indoors for your driver to arrive.

  • Verify the vehicle details before boarding

Always make sure that the driver at your doorstep is the right one. From the vehicle colour, model, license plate, driver name to driver photo, we provide all the necessary details while dispatching your driver. Do verify these details before boarding your taxi.

  • Follow vehicle safety measures

Personal safety is a basic procedure which most riders tend to ignore. It is advised to sit in the backseat, especially when you are travelling alone. This puts both you and your driver in the comfort zone. Also, no matter what time of the day or the situation, always put on your seatbelt. This simple step can protect you can save your live in case an accident occurs.

  • Know what to share and what not to

Holla plans its processes in accordance with your privacy needs and concerns. To take a ride with Holla, all you need to do is provide certain details on the app, and not to your drivers. And so, it is not at all necessary to provide your drivers with personal information such as your mobile number and other sensitive details. If there are any instances of such intrusion, always remain calm and handle situations sensibly.

  • Use the in-app panic button during emergencies

We have built our app with the idea of providing all the features you need to experience a safe, comfortable ride. In case of an emergency, you can tap the panic button in your Holla app. Your location will be shared with all those people who have been added to your emergency contact list.

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