A Feature-rich Taxi-Booking App

Holla’s taxi booking application is rich in features that are intended to provide our customers the convenience of booking cabs at ease. We offer a quality service with a reliable application to make you feel the convenience of hailing a taxi from anywhere.

Besides comfort, we always prefer to value our passengers’ money and care for our your safety. So, we adhere to a technology that had been built by considering your perspectives and preference. Following are a few features of Holla app that will undoubtedly make your every taxi ride a pleasant one:

  1. Cab Preferences
    Holla gives you the convenience of selecting cabs based on your preferences and travel needs from a wide range of vehicle options.
  2. Convenient Booking
    You can send cab request to ride immediately or even book taxi in advance using our scheduled rides feature.
  3. Multiple Payment Options [Flutterwave]
    Now you can pay for your rides with no hassle as we offer an utmost comfort of paying in all possible modes of payment. Pay by cash or use your debit/credit card or wallet option. Our application supports even payments through Flutterwave.  
  4. Fare Estimate
    Our passengers do not have to worry about the cost of rides anymore. You can check it even before you get into the cab. An estimate about the fare for your next trip can be calculated just by entering a pickup and drop location.
  5. Real-time Vehicle Tracking
    A GPS-enabled application allows you to track your booked vehicles in real time and the same feature allows your driver to find your location to reach your pickup point easily.  
  6. Panic Button
    Holla is committed to keeping passengers safe on the road. Now you can escalate your safety concern during the ride by clicking the panic button, a technology that helps us focus on customers’ safety before, during, and after every ride.
  7. Split Fare
    During a trip, you can split your taxi fare equally among the other riders. Tap the Split Fare option, there you go! But make sure that the other riders have Holla app on their mobile.
  8. Street Pickup
    Hereafter, you do not have to wave your hands to get a cab. We have added a street pickup option in our taxi booking app. Think of a cab, you get it there.
  9. Ride Sharing
    You can now cut off your taxi fare by half simply by sharing your ride with another rider who is headed in the same direction.
  10. SMS Notifications
    We notify our customers through SMS about the booking confirmation, cancellation/rejection, and completion of trips.

Download Holla Passenger app from your App Store or Play Store to get a ride now!

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