Cab companies ensure passenger safety using ride-hailing apps

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At a time when ride-hailing services are becoming increasingly popular, riders expect safety along the same line they prefer convenience during a ride. The cab companies are committed to ensure rider safety till they get to their destination. Ride hailing has become the choice of many recently as a better and safer mode of transportation that benefits the riders. It is an alternative way out of unreliable cab drivers and panicky situations. The use of ride-hailing applications supported by progressive technologies and well-thought-out features can uphold the safety of passengers to a great extent.

Real-time tracking
The days that riders have to wait at the street corner alone in the night compromising their safety to get a cab are gone. The ride-hailing application provides door-to-door service eliminating the waiting time, and automatically tracks the location of the rider which affirms safe on-time pick up by the driver. Riders can also track the progress of your ride in map and get to know where they are.

Emergency alerts
At times of any emergency or if skeptical of any suspicious activities during the journey, the SOS button allows riders to immediately share their location, cab and ride details to the contact saved already for the purpose in just a click.

Verified driver profiles
A background check of all drivers are done before enrolling them into the list. Riders can view the driver profile including the name, license number, photo and rating once they confirm the ride. Riders can also contact the driver through the app when required.

Driver ratings
The cab companies are dedicated to provide customer-centric e-hailing services so that no customers go with an unsatisfied ride experience. And therefore, riders are given the provision to rate drivers based on the services they provide and convey feedback about the ride so that cab companies can review the activities of each driver. This ensures that only drivers with a good profile are designated to accept bookings.

Ride hailing using a precise application is thus facilitated as an alternative to traditional taxi services and serves as a means to get safe rides.

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