How scoring your driver results in a better experience?

Every time a passenger completes a ride, the taxi app prompts them to share their experience by rating their drivers. For the most part, riders tend to ignore this feature, or blindly provide their ratings. But, here’s why rating your driver can be a benefit for you as a passenger.

Voice your concerns

Our objective has always been to provide a seamless experience of hailing a taxi service by ensuring the utmost quality and proficiency from our drivers. However, we do acknowledge and consider your feedback.

From delayed driver responses, late arrival at the pickup location and aggressive driving behaviour, we encourage you to share your concerns by rating the driver assigned to your trip.Such insights will be a crucial step for us to monitor our services and ensure that your next trip with us is nothing short of extraordinary.

Recommend your favourites

There may be many instances where you have particularly enjoyed the ride experience with certain drivers. In such cases, give a shout out to your favourite drivers by rating the highest stars! This can be a great way of recommending your favourite drivers to your friends, family and the taxi community. It will most certainly be a boost for the drivers and guarantees that he/she continues to be a part of our business.

Rating your driver at Holla

Holla lets you rate your driver every time your ride is finished. Starting from one to five, the ratings progress to exhibit better service. Choose your rating based on your experience. Do consider the driver’s punctuality and driving behaviour as their rating parameter and not the taxi fares as they do not make those decisions.

In case you have rated your drivers wrongly, you can always contact us and let us correct the same for you on your behalf.

Are you concerned about the security reasons involved in rating a driver? Not to worry at all. We let you post your ratings anonymously. So, go ahead and take advantage of our driver rating feature and let us make your ride a memorable one.

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