Lagos Taxicab Drivers and Their Concerns

Lagos Taxicab Drivers and Their Concerns

Lagos, the largest and busiest city of Nigeria, has its ethnicity and possesses greater value. It would be really nice to travel across the finest city. However, if you are taking private cabs to your workplace or even to roam around, you have to know certain things that you shouldn’t do to the drivers of Lagos. Here I have listed a few:

Don’t Criticise Their Vehicles

Lagos drivers do not bother much about anything unless you make any negative comments about the appearance or functionality of their vehicles. They take pride in being an expert in driving. If anybody criticises their vehicles or their driving, they will take it as a personal insult, and it worries them much. So, avoid such situation when you are encountering one among them.

Never Ignore Their Instructions

There will always be miscommunications when you are taking a private transit. If it goes beyond limit then the drivers have to warn you or make you get down from the cab. Both the situations will be embarrassing. This can be eliminated easily just by keeping yourself in control to avoid arguments with the taxicab drivers because they abhor it.

Provide Detailed Drop Details

If you want to be dropped in a precise location, obviously you have to provide your driver with the complete address. Being a taxi driver at Lagos, the drivers are really concerned about this particular problem as they have faced many in their lifetime.

Treat Them Equally

No one has the right treat the co-humans as slaves. Even the Lagos drivers prefer to be treated equally, or at least as a human being. What we give out, we will get back. Be humane and move with them smoothly so that they can provide a hassle-free service to you.

Don’t Force them to Break Law

Never force the cab drivers to break the law, not only in Lagos but also everywhere, even if you are in a hurry to your work or somewhere. If you do so, then it will cause problems for both the parties. Therefore, let them do their job; then only you can reach your destination with no interference.


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    can one be partner with your company with his own car?, if yes, what are the requirement?

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