This New Year’s Eve, travel better and safer with Holla

Holla Taxi & Cab Services in Lagos

Being one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in West Africa, Lagos and its amazing nightlife are the perfect place to welcome the new year. But, commuting through the hustle-bustle of the city can be quite a challenge. Whether you want to avoid driving through the hectic traffic or you wish to sit back, relax and have a great time, Holla has got you covered.

Here’s how Holla makes your new year experience better and safer:

No more waiting

New year’s eve is the time of celebration and not about spending hours trying to hail a local taxi. With Holla, you no longer have to wave aimlessly to catch a cab or wait for your local car service dispatcher to send you a taxi.

Whether you want to reach the club or spend your night hopping from one party to another, your ride is just a tap away. Request for a ride on your Holla taxi app and be on your way to the party within mere minutes.

Safety comes first

Holla makes your travel safer by providing your vehicle and driver information at the time of booking your cab. Also, in case of any emergency situations, riders can press the SOS button. This feature sends your current location to five of the emergency contacts right away, ensuring that you reach home safely even during the wee hours of the night.

Also, rather than gambling on the probability of your local cab breaking down at any moment, you can choose to travel comfortably with Holla taxi cabs. From riding solo to bringing your party friends along, book the right cab for a fun night out with your friends and family.

Say goodbye to bargaining

Nobody wants to spend the night fighting with the cab driver for a fair price. Holla establishes a standard fare for all its riders. And what’s more, our loyal riders can avail exciting discounts and special coupons to get the best fares at any time of the day or night!

Celebrate in style

You no longer have to choose between having a good time or driving back home sober. Holla cabs let you enjoy your new year’s plan and gives you a ride back home or the next party destination safely, without the risk of letting you drink and drive.

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