Top 4 reasons to hire an app-based taxi service

Taxis have long been favoured as a preferable mode of transport by the common folk. With growing road congestion, people commute through taxis to relieve themselves the trouble of driving around the traffic-laden roads all by themselves. However, customers found it increasingly inconvenient to hail a taxi during peak hours and the uncertainty of finding a cab during emergency situations made them move away from the taxi service. But, with the advent of the app-based taxi service, taxis are once again in popular demand.

Here are four reasons why you should book a taxi for the next time you want to get around the city.

Convenience at your fingertips

No matter where you are and where you want to travel to, you can always count on an app-based taxi service. Holla provide 24/7 service and so you can book a ride from anywhere, at any time.  

Booking a taxi from a mobile application is extremely simple. All you need to do is select your ride, enter your drop location and your taxi will reach your pick up location within minutes. Now that’s convenience!

No more parking woes

In a country like Nigeria where busy and congested roads are a common sight, parking your own car can be a nightmare. By booking your ride, you needn’t worry about finding an empty parking spot. Hail a cab on Holla, get dropped to your destination and that’s about it. You can travel freely without worrying about available space and parking fees.

Eliminate uncertainty in hailing a taxi

Imagine if you are travelling in the night and you cannot seem to find a taxi to take you home, or you are stranded at a place due to peak hour rush. These kinds of situations are unfortunate and sadly, very common. But, with an app-based taxi service such as Holla, you can book your taxi in advance to ensure that your ride is ready whenever you want to leave.

Choose your ride

Holla provides flexible booking options. From mini cars, sedans to limousines, you can choose your preferred ride based on the number of people travelling along with you. Instead of worrying about the time and navigating through the traffic, you can travel comfortably with your friends, co-workers and family.

Hiring an app-based taxi service offers convenience and comfort. Choose Holla the next time you want to travel to work, to the airport or just get around the city.

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