Holla and How to download App?

Holla Cab Services Limited, owners of Holla is an On-Demand Hailing Company that uses it apps to connect riders with local cabs and private drivers in Nigeria.

You can download the app from the App Store for Android and iOS.

Visit our site at https://holla.ng

Why Debit Card is declined?

The Card may have:

 Insufficient Funds
You may have exhausted your account and may need to visit your bank for top up. Holla can top up your account if you sign up to our wallet.

Expired Card
Please contact your bank to apply for your new card and upload same.

Wrong PIN

You may have inputted the wrong PIN and may need to verify same

Transaction Not Permitted
You may need to go online to validate your card for online payments

Unusual activity
In order to protect your interests, we may block payments with your card in case of any unusual activities.

Holla: Riders’ frequently asked questions

When using new services or being introduced to a new company, it’s not surprising that you may have questions about the service. That’s why we at Holla have put together the most frequently asked questions by the riders. 

Have an easier time booking with Holla! You can also contact us if you have further questions not included here.

How can I download the app?

It’s easy! Our app is available in the app store of your phone. Just look up the name Holla Taxi Services and it should pop right up. You can also visit our website and download the app directly from there. Choose which operating system your device is running on. 

Why has my debit card declined?

There are a few reasons why your debit card is declined:

  • Insufficient funds – You may have exhausted your account already. You will need to visit your bank to add more funds. With Holla, we can top up your account if you sign up with our wallet.
  • Expired card – You might need to check if your card has not expired yet. The date should be on the card itself. No worries! You can contact your bank to apply for a new one. Just make sure to ask them how to make your car available for online payments
  • Wrong pin – You may have entered the wrong pin. Kindly make sure to enter the correct one and verify it again.
  • Transaction not permitted – There are some cards that need to be set up to be able to use for online payments. Kindly contact your bank and make sure your card has this permission. If not, you can also ask them how to make it possible.
  • Unusual activity – In order to protect your interests, we may need to block your card in case of any unusual activities. You can contact us or your bank to have it unblocked.

Is it possible to send a complaint?

Of course! You can contact our 24/7 support to place any complaints. Kindly provide us with a description of your experience and if possible, any photos regarding your complaint, as well as the driver’s name and the car’s license plate number. Also, send us a photo of the receipt, together with your contact information.

Is it possible to choose the taxi I want?

Yes! You can choose your preferred taxi. When you download our app or when you visit our website, we show you a wide range of cabs to choose from. We’ll show you the cabs near you and you can choose from them depending on your needs. After all, our customer only deserves the best.

Is it possible to book a taxi for a group?

Yes! We have corporate cabs available in our fleet. These cabs will allow us to take group bookings of up to 8 people in one vehicle. This is a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution for your travel needs. Of course, as the name suggests, these are mostly used for companies that need to travel. They’ll be able to use this service without any hitch.